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Finding Your Life Purpose Using Guided Imagery

Jean Houston, PhD is a pioneer in the human potential field.  We have been receiving notice of a 7-week course entitled “Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose.”

In this promotional email she offers one of the core modules to help you to Activate Your Life Purpose. Because it involves Guided Imagery we wanted to share what she has to say:

Have you ever felt that the world simply isn’t ready for the work you were meant to do? Like the role you were born to fill simply isn’t believed to be possible by society?

It’s a frustrating–and all too common–experience.

Fortunately, I have the antidote. 🙂 And I’m going to give you a hearty helping of it in this message.

This is the second key to living your life’s purpose: Developing new skills.

How to Access Your “Inner Experts” to Quicken Your Learning.

One miracle I’ve discovered in my 50 years of researching the outer limits of human potential is the existence of inner experts–in every single person, without fail.

The fact is, you have a wide array of these experts, willing inner helpers, so many masters of varied skills and attitudes–Cook, Painter, Plumber, Psychologist, Healer, Mechanic, Accountant, Inventor, Poet, Relationship Expert, Parent, Orator, Lover, Student, Teacher, Theologian, Traveler, Meditator, Comedian, Animal Companion, House Cleaner, Writer, Singer, Group Organizer, Group Member, Time Manager, Mystic, Compassionate One.

There are many others who only you would know. Some hold the mastery of a particular skill that you have, like swimming or playing the violin or weaving or woodworking.
Others represent your various roles and relationships, daughter, sister, best friend, best buddy, mentor.

Anything with which you have familiarity and practice, however small or large, has an inner expert who is always available to support, consult, and inspire your outer efforts.

First, choose a skill you would like to work on and ask the master of that skill to come forward. This being leads you to a place nearby where you can work together to improve your skill. All the materials you need are there–paints, piano, golf clubs, tennis rackets, computers, dancing shoes–whatever you need.

The very space around you seems filled with the essence of your skill. At this level of the psyche, an enormous amount of information is available, which is not normally processed by the conscious mind. Your inner master of a skill has access to all the knowledge that you ever gleaned, consciously or unconsciously, about the skill, as well as some new tricks. When you call on the master, some of this hidden knowledge can be harvested and integrated into your learning.

Let’s see how this works.

The master of the skill may communicate with you in words without them. Perhaps the teaching will feel like a muscular sensation or appear as a sudden intuitive knowing. You may be advised to practice old skills, or you may be taught new ones. However it happens, this being who holds the mastery will give you deep and potent instructions. As you receive this intensive training, you will feel increasingly free, spontaneous, and confident, even overcoming any inhibitions or blocks that you had.

You will be working with subjective time in this exercise, so get a timer with an alarm (here’s one online <> ).

Give yourself five minutes of clock time, which is equal subjectively to all the time you need. In these minutes or hours or days, you will have a rich learning session with the master of the skill, rehearsing and improving your skill.

Close your eyes and begin…

Coming back now, notice how you feel in your body. Is the skill more a part of you? Do you have a greater feeling of pleasure and confidence about it? Are you looking forward to performing it?

In fact, if it is possible for you actually to engage in the skill now, please do and notice if technical improvements have taken place. Practicing with the inner master is something you can do over and over again.

After a while, you will not have go through the steps to call up this member of your crew. The inner expert will be so much a part of you, it will be as if you are receiving instructions and improvements whenever you practice.

You can employ the same procedure to call upon other members of your inner crew who have mastery in other skills or qualities of excellence. If you give time and practice to rehearsing skills on the inner level, their outer manifestations will grow in you more quickly.

Yours in purpose,


Evolving Wisdom, 369-B Third Street, Suite 302, San Rafael, CA 94910, USA

This is one of the many techniques I’ll be revealing to participants in my 7-week course “Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose.”

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