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Using a Guided Imagery CD to Unwind

Glenda Cedarleaf’s May Newsletter

Her featured article discusses how to use a Guided Imagery CD.  Later in the newsletter she tells you how she helps clients find a healing place.  There is always inspiring and useful information is her newsletters.

5 Ways to use Guided Imagery for unwinding each day

1. To “recalibrate” your nervous system during the day, you can listen to a guided imagery audio-and experience the benefits of a 15 minute rejuvenating retreat into your unconscious .

2. To fall asleep replacing worry imagery with healing visualization – you can listen right before you go to bed at night–  It helps to have your CD player or Ipod set up and ready ahead of time.

3. When you are getting ready for a medical procedure, listen before, during (if allowed) and after to promote healing.

4. When you can’t sleep and you awaken in the night–listen again– it will help you refocus your mind on positive, healing, relaxing messages so you can return to dreamland.

5. Upon awakening , you can listen to a guided meditation as a prelude to your daily healing practice–of journaling, walking, yoga, Tai Chi ,meditating, reading, drawing, praying etc.

Glenda also talks about how she helps clients find a healing place.

Glenda also has a CD for folks with Lyme disease.  To see the rest of her newsletter click here.

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