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A Mother’s Day Story

We celebrate Mother’s Day this day in recognition of the love and caring mothers provide their families.  This particular article addresses the difficulty of being a woman who is also a mother in our society.  Mother’s may fall short meeting the criteria of being a good mother when the Inner Critic has much to say on the matter. This article comes from the American Hypnotist Examiners April Newsletter.

Embracing Our Imperfections
by Alena Guest
“When my daughter was young her favorite doll was a Raggedy Ann and she fell asleep each night rubbing her nose against the doll’s cloth face. Over time the face became threadbare and the cotton stuffing bulged from the splits in the fabric. The painted features faded. One day I suggested that it might be time to replace the Raggedy Ann with a newer version. My daughter was horrified. ‘If I had an accident and my face got ruined would you get a new girl? I love her how she is.’ My child’s wisdom humbled me. We did ‘fix’ the precious doll with masking tape and an indelible magic marker. So Raggedy Ann stayed beautifully imperfect.” This story, by Annie Dillard, poignantly illustrates how we assess beauty primarily from the surface.
As we approach middle-age we often view ourselves through a glass darkly, concentrating on our imperfections. Each of us is her own worst critic. In my years as a clinical hypnotherapist I have worked with hundreds of women, each shackled by her inner critic, who keeps her imprisoned inside a limited version of herself. Part of the reason is that we are bombarded with advertising images that reinforce unrealistic, unhealthy perceptions of beauty and perfection.

The women who are portrayed in these ads are photo-shopped so much that even iconic 1990’s supermodel Cindy Crawford, says, “I wish I was Cindy Crawford.”

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