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Linda Blachman – Choose Life!

CHOOSE LIFE! – Making the Most of Life Transitions

Linda Blachman

All the world is just a narrow bridge. The main thing is not to fear. – R. Nachman

May 2011

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am pleased to announce the launch of my life transitions coaching and guided imagery practice, a complement to my ongoing work with personal histories and legacies.

Whether self-initiated or forced upon us, transitional times can feel like standing on a bridge in a fog of confusion. Wanting to avoid discomfort, we may miss the opportunity to delve deeply enough to make wise life-affirming choices and thoughtful plans for crafting the next chapter.

After an extended transition of my own, I am called to help others learn to use times of challenge and change for growth, healing and renewal. My mission is to help my clients navigate inevitable losses and uncertainties and take the necessary steps to author a new narrative. Together we review the past and release what is no longer needed; identify sources of authenticity, vitality and joy; visualize and plan the future; and move towards meaningful goals, all the while living with awareness in the present moment.

We discover our truth by telling our stories.To this work I bring more than 30 years as a counselor and health educator, as well as extensive training and experience in personal history and legacy preparation, life review and life planning, and contemplative/spiritual practices, including a Choose Life! exercise I developed while working through my own transition. Additionally, I am certified in Interactive Guided Imagery (SM), a powerful tool for stress reduction, symptom management, enhancement of positive thinking and performance, and inner-directed decision-making and goal setting.

I can work locally or nationally with adults facing most life changes. Some areas of specialization include:

· Midlife and beyond (career change; retirement; empty nest; meaning/creativity; relocation; aging)
· Mental/physical/spiritual health (stress reduction and wellness; illness; bereavement; caregiving)
· Parenting (infertility; pregnancy/new motherhood; return to work; divorce)

Watch in the coming months for my new web site, special packages and a periodic newsletter. If you know anyone who would like help with a life transition, I would be delighted to receive a referral from you.

Warm wishes for a spring of renewal,


Linda Blachman, MPH, MA
510.540.8755 (desk)

Linda’s book, “ANOTHER MORNING: Voices of Truth and Hope From Mothers with Cancer” is available by clicking here.

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