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“Welcome to the Team” – Shantha Sri

As our association grows and integrates new members who offer new ideas, we are enlivened and inspired.  Today we are delighted to introduce the creator of Imagery International’s signature music “ Welcome to the Team – Australia based Shantha Sri – Healing Music Artist:

Shantha Sri

Shantha Sri is a Buddhist yogi and sound healing music artist dedicated to creating specially designed music soundscapes that resonate with the subtle energy centers of the mind and body. He draws from the inspirations of Ayurveda, Dharma, and nature to create music that brings peace and tranquility to the listener. Using various world instruments to produce resonant tonal frequencies and sparse cycling melodies, Shantha Sri’s music assists listeners in finding peace within themselves and oneness with the universe by stimulating the mind toward higher states of conscious mindfulness and concentration.


He produces specialty soundscapes for yoga, meditation, spiritual focusing, relaxation, spa and natural therapies, massage, and sleep therapy, as well as self-help guided visualization programs with healing collaborator, California-based integrative clinical psychologist Dr. Juliet Rohde-Brown.

Shantha Sri has studied yoga and meditation in India, Sri Lanka, Australia and the US. His daily personal practice is based around the T. Krishnamacharya and Patanjali tradition, with Nada sound techniques added for helping with Pranayama breathing, and Chakra balancing. He also practices Vipassana meditation practice in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition.

A filmmaker and photographer as well as a sound healing music composer, Shantha Sri studied Film Music at Griffith University and the Conservatorium of Music, Queensland, Australia, and cinema studies at UCLA/AFI in the US. Through his music and image experimentation, Shantha Sri continues to study the emotional effects of music and imagery on the psyche and in particular their applications in assisting with achieving states of higher consciousness.

Both film and music projects have earned him international awards.

Visit Shantha Sri at:

Email Shantha Sri for more information at:


CD / Audio Download products specializing in music and soundscape programs:


Music for Yoga: Vol. 1
Music for Yoga: Vol. 2

Meditational Journeys:
Supatha Nibbana: A Path to Enlightenment
Samma Ditthi: Right View
Samma Sankappa: Right Intention
Samma Vaca: Right Speech
Samma Kammanta: Right Action
Samma Ajiva: Right Livelihood
Samma Vayama: Right Effort
Samma Sati: Right Mindfulness
Samma Samadhi: Right Concentration


Bodhi-Cakra: Chakra Awakening

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