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James-Paul Brown – Artist’s Donation

One of the difficulties in creating this website was finding suitable images. After much looking,  James-Paul Brown‘s artwork came to our attention.

James-Paul Brown

The beauty of his impressionist style is that it is much like the images one sees in dreams and Guided Imagery experiences.  The lively choices and bold splashes of color made for interesting combination with the content it frames.

We wish to acknowledge and thank James-Paul Brown for the contribution of the 4 paintings we use on our website.

We used only slices of each painting.  Complete images of the paintings can be seen on these two websites: and

We chose “Cupid Takes Aim” and centered on the heart in the painting.  Images are hard wired in the body and reveal one’s heart.  We also mean to show that client centered guided imagery without interpretation is a heart centered way to work with images.

Another painting we used is “Splendito Hotel Portofino”. We see boats on the water in one section and houses in another seen from far above. Interpretation might be that boats or houses represent people – or something else.

Oak Tree

“Tuscany Hillside” captures a hillside from the valley looking up the hillside to the sky. The clouds are rendered in soft pastels puffs and the hill and trees in vivid earthy colors.

“St. Tropez is captured from atop a hill with a tree and leaves framing the picture on the right and top.

“Oak Tree” might be a tree out in our field in spring time.  The yellow of wild mustard looks just like this. I imagine the bees buzzing in a warm vibrant spring day. All is good, healthy and well.

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James-Paul Brown also contributed the cover of March’s issue of ImagiNews.  To find out more about the artist you can download the issue by clicking here and read more about him.

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