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A Cancer Resource

The Guided Imagery Collective’s vision is to see Guided Imagery and other forms of imagery related therapies being at the forefront of a new wellness/self-care movement that empowers the client/patients to become a major part of their own deep healing process.

This is a website inspired by a family member’s struggle with colorectal cancer.  It contains a wealth of beautiful images and information.

A case for tool building and a deeper guided imagery through pattern language
February 28, 2011

From Cobb to Winkelman to Alexander. A winding path into pattern language and guided Imagery

The intention for this blog is to share a rich synthesis of two works as kind of scaffolding for a deep guided imagery that has evolved from a third work which has been explored in earlier blogs, that of Christopher Alexander’s concept of a pattern Language. Each, reflect a holistic spirit mindbody integration and supports the spirit (neuro-theological if one sees living systems as luminous) conversation that is core for a guided imagery pattern language and additive on its own merits to the already well researched/documented evidence-based studies for guided imagery generally; Edith Cobb’s The Ecology of Imagination in Children and Michael Winkelman’s Shamanism – A Biosocial Paradigm of Consciousness and Healing.

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