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Health-Care Debate

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

This opinion piece on the Health-Care Debate refers to an article printed in our local newspaper titled Health-Care Debate: A doctor prescribes addressing real issues by Dr. Scott Morris published in the Vacaville Reporter: 01/28/2011 01:04:06 AM PST. The first few paragraphs and link to the article follows my opinion.

The three points Dr. Morris focuses on are:

1. Admit government cannot do it all.
2. Confront our unholy love affair with technology.
3. Stop skittering around end-of-life issues.

I’ve been studying alternative approaches to health and wellness for the last 30 years. My working hypothesis is that unrecognized trauma (trauma includes experiences that do not fit with the definition of PTSD) can generate symptoms that are misdiagnosed and mistreated as disease.  Medicine/medical doctors do not recognize the difference between trauma based symptoms and organic symptoms in diagnosis and treatment.  If treated as a disease, trauma symptoms do not respond as expected. People who are not cured will have a chronic problem that often requires maintenance with drugs.

An alternative response to failure of medications to work is ‘we need more tests’ or lets try another drug.  Where there is good research showing alternative approaches achieve excellent results, that approach is not likely referred – Irritable bowel is an example.

Dr. Morris discusses his hard hitting observations about fear of death and the focus on death panels. He believes that patients are kept alive at great expense because of fear of death and not for love or care.

I believe the even greater over-arching unconscious motivation is fear of loss.


New! II Introduces Podcasts to Go!

Monday, January 24th, 2011

This year we are pleased to offer Podcasts to all — visitors and members alike.  Just click on and enjoy!

Listen to them at your convenience–they’re archived.

In our first podcast of January 2011, new president Juliet Rohde-Brown, PhD  interviews Martin Rossman, MD whose recent book The Worry Solution offers ways to change “bad worry” into “good worry” and life changing action. The science is compelling too as Dr. Rossman talks about the research on neuroplasticity.

Look for 6-8 podcasts this coming year, of exciting interviews with Imagery professionals, bringing you the latest applications and innovations, as well as the tried and true.

We are interested in your input on current podcasts and anyone you’d like to hear. Post your comments below.

2011 – Our New Board

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Imagery International’s 2011 Board plus One

These are the folks who have elected to volunteer their time and imagination to keep Imagery International running. They bring wit, wisdom and hard work (with the help of bookkeeper and Office Manager Sandra Bolyard and our Website and Graphics Designer Jenn de la Fuente) to fulfill the mission of the Association.  Please give them a warm welcome and let us know your wishes for the coming year.

Board members are 2nd from left Jann Fredrickson, Member-at-Large and Conference Chair; third from left is Juliet Rohde-Brown, President and Programs Chair; next is Doreen Leighton, Secretary; Bev Hollander, Past President and ImagiNews Editor, Judith Ewing, Member-at-Large and ImagiNews C0-Editor; Laura Simko, Treasurer; and Susan Ezra, Membership Chair.  Far left is Sandra Warnken, who is not a current board member but ongoing as IT and Website Editor.

We thank outgoing officers:

Babs Vitale

Babs Vitale started out as Secretary then morphed to Treasurer.  She was Conference Treasurer for both 2009 and 2010.  She revealed an enormous talent for comedy.  Her wit during board meetings livened discussions. She wrote a hilarious skit for Beyond Ordinary Nursing’s 2008 conference and engaged that years board to take part.  We learned that humor and laughter feel good. Babs volunteered to take charge of Entertainment for Imagery International’s first Annual Conference.  She did a fantastic job with a program she titled “Spontaneous Combustion”. Saturday night’s entertainment program which allowed all of us to participate to whatever degree of discomfort we could handle doing fun and funny activities. We all laughed in delight with the doing or watching. We learned to play kazoos and got to take one home.  Thank you Babs for joining in and showing us all that you can have a good time and do a fantastic job besides.  See more about Babs and her CD for Menopausal symptoms on her website Rainbow Yoga/Jolly Mudra.

Margo Adair

We also said a sad goodbye to Margo Adair earlier in the year as she passed on after a spirited fight for her life against cancer.  Margo joined the 2007 board out as our Treasurer when we were transitioning into our non-profit organization.  With Bev Hollander and Esther Johnson, she spearheaded the creation of Imagery International’s first regional workshop called Harmony Hill.   She passed the Treasurer’s job to Babs Vitale and became our Programs Chair, a position she was delighted to take on.  She started by scheduling speakers for the Telechats. If they were recorded she edited the podcasts and made them available to members on our website.  Telechats are hour longs telephone conference calls where a guest speaker would present information pertaining to their work with Guided Imagery, for about half and hour, and then answer listeners questions.  She also started work on our speakers bureau, but was unable to finish. Her partner Bill Aal is continuing their Tools for Change program.

Please let us know your wishes for the coming year.  If you are interested in joining a committee, offering a skill or have ideas that would help get the word out about Guided Imagery please feel free to post a comment here.