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“The Worry Solution”

“The Worry Solution” written by Martin Rossman, MD shows, with the use of breakthrough brain science, how to turn stress and anxiety into confidence and happiness.

Martin Rossman, MD

From Dr. Rossman’s blog post “Making Good Worry Better”

“Good worry” is worry that focuses on a problem that you may be able to do something about. Specific ways of both logical and emotional/intuitive thinking can help make you much more effective in resolving these issues or problems. Many people know what they need to do to change things in their lives for the better but have trouble acting on what they know.

Why would that be?  Here are some common reasons for not making progress:

·    You aren’t really clear on what it is you want to do; you have left the issue so vague and uncertain that no goal can be set.

·    You haven’t been able to imagine a good way to accomplish what you want to accomplish, sometimes because you have become stuck in one way of thinking.

·    You haven’t really chosen the necessary course of action, which prevents you from putting your energy and intention behind it.

·    You haven’t clearly delineated a plan that is likely to get you where you want to go.

·    There are parts of you that have fears, concerns, or objections to resolving this problem and you haven’t accounted for them.

·    You need more motivation, courage, creativity, or other personal qualities to help you move out of your stuck place.

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