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Glenda Cedarleaf’s Newsletter

Glenda Cedarleaf dropped us a line to invite us to check out her November Newsletter here.

We read ‘Welcome to the third edition of “Keep Squeezing Drops of the Sun” sharing poetry, audios, videos and news to inspire and empower you.’

Glenda was on Imagery International conference committee and wrote a poem on the way to the conference last weekend.  She created a beautiful video you can play for your enjoyment. Her voice is lovely and soothing.

Glenda Cedarleaf

Looking over the rest of the newsletter we were introduced to a short clip of Wayne Muller speaking at an Institute of Noetic Sciences event.  Please check it out as he addresses his thoughts on why goodhearted people are so exhausted.

We have lost what it feels like to have done enough…… In a world and a culture that demands that more is always better and we have taken the 7 deadly sins of pride and greed and envy and lust and turned them into American values….

Watch the video for his inspiring message.  Thank Glenda for making me aware of this inspiring message and for working on Imagery Internationals Second Annual Conference.  It was a wonderful experience Glenda.

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