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Charlotte Reznick – Has a Best Seller

Dr. Charlotte Reznick

Dear Community,

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In a recent email from Dr. Charlotte, titled Rescued Chilean Miner’s Kids: How to Help Kids After Trauma, she relates the salient points in an interview with Sheri Reed about her thoughts on kids and trauma in relation to the recent rescue of the Chilean miners.  The article is in a post on The Stir, a CafeMom’s Blog. The complete article can be downloaded here.

This is the take away in her interview with Sheri Reed.

(1) “Those months when the men were underground, the kids were trying to hold it together. And now even though it’s the happiest, happiest moment where they’re safe, it’s now that they can let it out.”

(2) 21 typical child crisis reactions are pointed out. “They (miners) are going to respond differently. So based on how they respond, their families, their kids are going to respond differently. We know that if the parents are okay, kids do better. If their dads or their brothers are suffering more, they’re going to suffer more.”

(3) “For these Chilean children, it’s all about reunification now. ‘Right now, the kids just need to be with their dads, brothers, or uncles’.”

(4) “One way kids can feel better when they feel powerless … is to help others. It could be something like raise some money, even just a little bit, so that (other) miners can have better safety. Donating lunch money, having a lemonade stand… Have some control of making things better in the future for other miners…”

(5) “Our kids in America can (also) send letters to the kids in Chile. You can go to Google Translate and write in English and then translate it into Spanish. ‘Send letters, send cards. They will appreciate it. Knowing… that the kids here are thinking of them, that’s going to make a difference in their life. Helping them feel they’re not alone’.”

(6) “For people in the armed forces overseas in Afghanistan or Iran, similar things happen. You have a dad or a brother over in Afghanistan and every day you’re wondering ‘Are they okay?’ That is continual stress. So (those) kids might send Halloween candy to the troops. This makes kids feel like they’re doing something… It gives a sense of: ‘I can do something. I feel a little bit more in control. I can contribute.’ Kids feel good when they help people.”

From Cafe Mom’s the Stir Oct. 13, 2010

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