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ImagiNews: September 2010**

**October 5 is the last day to register for our conference

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From the President’s Mind & the Editor’s Imagination

by Bev Hollander

Bev Hollander

Thanks for joining me! I also hope you will join us at the 2nd Annual Imagery Int’l Conference, co-sponsored by Beyond Ordinary Nursing, October 22-24. Be sure to check it out on our website here – six great presentations, experiential Imagery sessions and 11 CEU’s. Our entertainment Saturday night should be a big WOW!! You’d be silly to miss it.

Serendipity – finding something valuable and pleasurable when looking for something else. Who hasn’t experienced that in their life? I can tell you that this whole issue of ImagiNews has been one of Serendipity. People have been coming out of the ether-net with wonderful ideas, research and stories which prompted me to give this issue its theme. I even have a couple left-over for the Dec issue. Unheard of!

Most of the articles do not reflect the theme in its literal sense and still, the issue entirely reflects Serendipity. As you read it, I am certain that you will find something valuable and pleasurable even as you look for something else.

I am a person of few words this time around – I just want you to enjoy Serendipity. Please share your thoughts and feelings after having read this particular issue. Your response gives true meaning to the work!



P.S. The theme for the next issue is: Illumination. Give it your best shot, please. Send your contribution to me directly:

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