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Telechat November 7: Imagery and Forgiveness

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Sunday, November 7 Telechat,  5-6pm Pacific Standard Time join us for our next informative, interactive telechat. Daylight Savings Time starts on November 7.

Imagery International members can RSVP here. Members can also invite their friends and colleagues for a free one time visit.  Visitors are welcome to RSVP here.

Juliet Rohde-Brown, PhD

Juliet Rohde-Brown – Imagery International’s next president – will talk about Imagining Foregiveness – her integrative model for wellness. She has a new book out Imagine Forgiveness: A Guide for a Joyful Future. She has also produced three CDs  Feel Welcome Now, Feel Forgiveness Now, and Chakra Mountain. Feel Forgiveness Now won 2nd place in the 2009 Just Plain Folks Awards.

Juliet writes:

I feel quite passionate about our ability to use our imaginations to create a more positive and loving future. When we use the term “imagery,” it does not simply refer to the visual field, but to all of our senses. Dr. Jeanne Achterberg, a leader in imagery exploration and application, refers to imagery as “the thought process that invokes and uses the senses: vision, audition, smell, taste, the senses of movement, position and touch. It is the communication between perception, emotion, and bodily change.”

Judith Ewing hosts

Our host for this telechat is a new board member Judith Ewing, who is coming in as a Member-at-Large and new co-editor of ImagiNews.

We attempt to record our telechats as a podcast (mp3) which will be available in future in the member’s section.


Dr. Juliet Rohde-Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist in California. Her orientation is integrative, and she embraces a multicultural perspective in her psychotherapeutic practice. She is also a core faculty member and the director of practicum for a doctoral program in psychology at Antioch University in Santa Barbara, California.

Visit her website to learn more about presentations and workshops, how to order CDs and her book – and visit her blog. She has been interviewed on several radio programs.

Glenda Cedarleaf’s Newsletter

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Glenda Cedarleaf dropped us a line to invite us to check out her November Newsletter here.

We read ‘Welcome to the third edition of “Keep Squeezing Drops of the Sun” sharing poetry, audios, videos and news to inspire and empower you.’

Glenda was on Imagery International conference committee and wrote a poem on the way to the conference last weekend.  She created a beautiful video you can play for your enjoyment. Her voice is lovely and soothing.

Glenda Cedarleaf

Looking over the rest of the newsletter we were introduced to a short clip of Wayne Muller speaking at an Institute of Noetic Sciences event.  Please check it out as he addresses his thoughts on why goodhearted people are so exhausted.

We have lost what it feels like to have done enough…… In a world and a culture that demands that more is always better and we have taken the 7 deadly sins of pride and greed and envy and lust and turned them into American values….

Watch the video for his inspiring message.  Thank Glenda for making me aware of this inspiring message and for working on Imagery Internationals Second Annual Conference.  It was a wonderful experience Glenda.

Charlotte Reznick – Has a Best Seller

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Dr. Charlotte Reznick

Dear Community,

I invite my dear colleagues to my Book Launch page to see what’s coming up – .

When you buy a copy,  you can pick up 80+ or so free downloadable gifts when you put in your confirmation number (from Amazon, etc) or receipt number in Step 2 at And then there are tons of discounts on all the CDs.


In a recent email from Dr. Charlotte, titled Rescued Chilean Miner’s Kids: How to Help Kids After Trauma, she relates the salient points in an interview with Sheri Reed about her thoughts on kids and trauma in relation to the recent rescue of the Chilean miners.  The article is in a post on The Stir, a CafeMom’s Blog. The complete article can be downloaded here.

This is the take away in her interview with Sheri Reed.

(1) “Those months when the men were underground, the kids were trying to hold it together. And now even though it’s the happiest, happiest moment where they’re safe, it’s now that they can let it out.”

(2) 21 typical child crisis reactions are pointed out. “They (miners) are going to respond differently. So based on how they respond, their families, their kids are going to respond differently. We know that if the parents are okay, kids do better. If their dads or their brothers are suffering more, they’re going to suffer more.”

(3) “For these Chilean children, it’s all about reunification now. ‘Right now, the kids just need to be with their dads, brothers, or uncles’.”

(4) “One way kids can feel better when they feel powerless … is to help others. It could be something like raise some money, even just a little bit, so that (other) miners can have better safety. Donating lunch money, having a lemonade stand… Have some control of making things better in the future for other miners…”

(5) “Our kids in America can (also) send letters to the kids in Chile. You can go to Google Translate and write in English and then translate it into Spanish. ‘Send letters, send cards. They will appreciate it. Knowing… that the kids here are thinking of them, that’s going to make a difference in their life. Helping them feel they’re not alone’.”

(6) “For people in the armed forces overseas in Afghanistan or Iran, similar things happen. You have a dad or a brother over in Afghanistan and every day you’re wondering ‘Are they okay?’ That is continual stress. So (those) kids might send Halloween candy to the troops. This makes kids feel like they’re doing something… It gives a sense of: ‘I can do something. I feel a little bit more in control. I can contribute.’ Kids feel good when they help people.”

From Cafe Mom’s the Stir Oct. 13, 2010

Juliet Rohde-Brown, PhD on the Radio

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Dr. Rohde-Brown has a brand new weekly half-hour web radio show entitled Emotional Pathways. Before we tell you more about her show, we are proud to tell you she is currently  a member of Imagery International’s board and our President-elect.

Juliet Rohde-Brown, PhD

Please join her in a show about making your relationships better, including your relationship with yourself. She interviews people who have compelling stories and interesting information about working with anger and other difficult emotions and situations and fostering joy. She believes you can truly live a life based on your core values, and she and her guests will talk about the hows and whys. If this sounds like something you can wrap your head and heart around, click here to listen.

Dr. Juliet Rohde-Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist in California. Her orientation is integrative, and she embraces a multicultural perspective in her psychotherapeutic practice. She is also a core faculty member and the director of practicum for a doctoral program in psychology at Antioch University in Santa Barbara, California.

Juliet has worked with brain-injured individuals and in psychiatric inpatient settings as well as in community counseling environments and private practice. She is committed to respecting the fact that while human beings share many common features, each individual is unique in temperament, behavior, inner reflection and socio-cultural background. She respects the many ways of knowing in a diverse social system: the rational, empirical, and intuitive.


Juliet is a founding member and current board member of the Sacred Earth Foundation and an advisory board member for the Santa Barbara Restorative Justice Neighborhood Initiative.

She has done about eight radio interviews about her new book Imagine Forgiveness: A Guide for a Joyful Future. She has produced three CDs done in collaboration with Energi Music and Shantha Sri available for download through, Energi Music and other venues. They are entitled Feel Welcome Now, Feel Forgiveness Now, and Chakra MountainFeel Forgiveness Now won 2nd place in the 2009 Just Plain Folks Awards.

ImagiNews: September 2010**

Monday, October 4th, 2010

**October 5 is the last day to register for our conference

A free electronic copy of March 2010 edition of ImagiNews is available here:

From the President’s Mind & the Editor’s Imagination

by Bev Hollander

Bev Hollander

Thanks for joining me! I also hope you will join us at the 2nd Annual Imagery Int’l Conference, co-sponsored by Beyond Ordinary Nursing, October 22-24. Be sure to check it out on our website here – six great presentations, experiential Imagery sessions and 11 CEU’s. Our entertainment Saturday night should be a big WOW!! You’d be silly to miss it.

Serendipity – finding something valuable and pleasurable when looking for something else. Who hasn’t experienced that in their life? I can tell you that this whole issue of ImagiNews has been one of Serendipity. People have been coming out of the ether-net with wonderful ideas, research and stories which prompted me to give this issue its theme. I even have a couple left-over for the Dec issue. Unheard of!

Most of the articles do not reflect the theme in its literal sense and still, the issue entirely reflects Serendipity. As you read it, I am certain that you will find something valuable and pleasurable even as you look for something else.

I am a person of few words this time around – I just want you to enjoy Serendipity. Please share your thoughts and feelings after having read this particular issue. Your response gives true meaning to the work!



P.S. The theme for the next issue is: Illumination. Give it your best shot, please. Send your contribution to me directly: