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October 24 II Conference Entertainment** Scott Grace

Scott Grace will present Saturday evening.  He creates original songs with his guitar and voice. He spices up his repetoire with songs created spontaneously based on topics suggested by the audience. His intention in his singing and songwriting is to offer both entertainment and education, upliftment and enlightenment.

Scott Grace

When Scott sings you may be prone to laughing uproariously at yourself or at the human condition. You may also be wiping away tears during the very next song. With a luminous, loving and mischievious twinkle in his eyes, Scott makes personal contact with everyone present and does not hide behind a performance facade. With each song he shares an intimate part of himself. No matter how large the audience, you may feel as if you were alone with Scott in your living room, listening with a fire crackling in the fireplace. The warmth will penetrate your skin and touch your heart.

Hear a song created in the moment.


“A cross between Jimmy Buffet and Oprah!”

“What a presentation! Scott brings such love, joy and laughter through his music. His ability to interact with the audience and instantly compose spontaneous songs created in the moment baffled us. I heard several times, “How did he do that?” If you are fortunate enough to hear Scott or have the opportunity to bring him to your event, you will not be disappointed!”

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October 22-24, 2010 
Vallombrosa Center, Menlo Park, California

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**Registration due by October 5.

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