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October 24 II Conference** – Melissa Jones Cantekin

“The Transcendant Function of Psychotherapy: How to Use Self-Healing Imagery with the Unconscious as a Tool for Creativity, Change, and Transformation” with Melissa Jones-Cantekin, PhD

Melissa Jones-Cantekin, PhD

My presentation was sparked by a synchronistic event that took place in my life. It relates to The Redbook and a therapy client of mine who happened to have the same name as one of Carl Jung’s patients while he was formulating his theory of the inner Feminine and, subsequently, the Transcendent Function. It renewed my interest in Jungian Psychology and the Transcendent Function and the technique Jung developed of Active Imagination, topics I had been working with and gathering case material for some years.

My presentation is the culmination of my own analysis as well as many years of working with the dreams and symbols of others. Death, ,Rebirth and Transformation are not the everyday experience of therapists and clients but they are the potential inherent in the person and the process which make life worth living. There is a humility in moving the ego out of its central position to make way for the larger self; I have been given the great privilege of accompanying others on their path and witnessing the uniqueness and beauty of their souls.

Melissa will be presenting at Imagery International’s Second Conference Co-Sponsored by Beyond Ordinary Nursing – Imagery for the Future: Illuminating Lives

October 22-24, 2010 
Vallombrosa Center, Menlo Park, California

**Registration due by October 5.

To see more about this unique imagery conference and register click here to visit the conference page.

Dr. Melissa Jones-Cantekin is a psychologist working with individuals and groups. She wrote her doctoral thesis in 1983 on “The Perceptions of Jungian Analysts on the Individuation Process in Group Therapy” and then developed expertise in Jungian Analytic work and symbols over thirty year period. She has a practical, holistic approach to life transitions. To see more about her private practice click here

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