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October 23 II Conference** – Randy Kasper

“Imagery: A Technique to Generate New Experiences in Recovery from Addictions” with Randy Kasper, LCSW, BCD

Mental Imagery uses Imagination “The Intelligence of the Heart”
to heal what ails: physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual

Randy Kasper, LCSW, BCD

This workshop will highlight how to read images using the tools of colors, numbers and directions, how to use imagery to assess clients’ level of commitment and will incorporate the twelve steps in a fresh, imagery-oriented way.

Randy will be presenting at Imagery International’s Second Conference Co-Sponsored by Beyond Ordinary Nursing – Imagery for the Future: Illuminating Lives

October 22-24, 2010 
Vallombrosa Center, Menlo Park, California

To see more about this unique imagery conference and register click here to visit the conference page.

**Registration due by October 5.


Randy Kasper has been offering work in mental imagery for the last eighteen years and is on the faculty of American Institute for Mental Imagery. Randy is currently running an Employee Assistance Program and has been the director of three comprehensive programs for chemical dependency, eating disorders, and domestic violence.

In addition to teaching and training, Randy’s background includes theater and improvisation.

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