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Relaxation and Wellness in Hebrew

Fania Chazen, LICSW

Relaxation and Wellness in Hebrew CD

Created by Belleruth Naparstek
Translated & Narrated by Fania Chazen

This first guided imagery program in Hebrew is for facing any stressful situation, to help with general anxiety, or to just promote feelings of peace, balance and optimism. The images heighten feelings of love, protection and safety, pump up serotonin and promote an energized calm.

It is also the first half of a research-proven intervention for posttraumatic stress, which yields dramatic outcomes for trauma survivors. (The second half is our Healing Trauma imagery.)

To see more about this CD in Hebrew go here

Fania Chazen is a clinical social worker, guided imagery specialist and professional translator from Pardes Hanna, Israel, who not only translates with the exquisite sensibility of a poet, but has the most glorious voice for guided imagery you’ll ever hear. The Hebrew seems made for this program. (62 min)

Click here to hear an audio excerpt.

Check her website to find out more about her work in Isreal.

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