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Do Psychotherapists Practice Holistically?

Do Psychotherapists Practice Holistically?

An Open Letter to All Psychotherapists from Ruth M. Buczynski, PhD – President and Licensed Psychologist – The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

Western medicine has gotten very good at the “Golden Hour” – the first few minutes to several hours that follow a traumatic or serious incident. While we are so much better at responding with life-saving treatment – it’s a different story when we look at what happens with chronic disease.

But most practitioners treat chronic diseases…from chronic pain to irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, weight management and I would add, even most cases of depression.

Yet, too often, our treatments for chronic disease fall short. While acute care has improved and become more and more sophisticated, chronic care has lagged behind, and patients continue to suffer.

What’s missing?

In this letter, I will make the case that our in-depth specialization might be holding us back.

“Psychologists, social workers and counselors are just as guilty as physicians when it comes to over-specializing”

Being specialized can be necessary. But maybe we’re over-specialized. And that in-depth specialization could be limiting the efficacy of our treatments and can cause us to overlook contributing factors thereby limiting our perspective for treatment.

This is particularly true for psychotherapists.

Click here to read the letter in it’s entirety and to add your thoughts.

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