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Treating Breast Cancer

The integration of CAM in the treatment of chronic breast cancer
Prof. Gershom Zajicek M.D.
Faculty of Medicine

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Prof. Gershom Zajicek, MD

Recent evidence suggests that, in many cases, tumor cells have already seeded metastatic sites even when the primary tumor is diagnosed at an early stage.  Approximately 30 percent of breast cancer patients diagnosed with early-stage disease have been found to have breast cancer cells in their bone marrow. [1]. Other studies of the SEER database reveal that for many patients breast cancer is a chronic disease which extends over many years [1,2].

In these patients the primary therapeutic objective is to induce prolonged remission which may be achieved either with chemotherapy or with CAM (complementary and alternative medicine). Since with time cancer resists any chemotherapy, patients are left with the second therapeutic option. CAM provides several  means to induce remission, yet  not all are equally effective. These methods exploit three instincts:

1. A self healing instinct, which may be boosted by means e.g. diet, or acupuncture.
2. Imagination: Guided imagery  may induce remission and thus slow down cancer progression.
3. Empathy: Many patients live with cancer in peace for many years. I call them Cancer-Yogis. In the same way as a Hindu Yogi controls his physiology, Cancer-Yogis control their cancer remission and may prolong it.   In cancer support groups patients meet Cancer-Yogis, and learn by empathy their way to induce remission.

These instincts operate directly on physico-chemical processes in the body [3].  I believe that in widespread cancer these methods are more effective than chemotherapy. Currently I advise my patients to master meditation (Vipasana). learn  guided imagery from an expert, and join cancer support groups in order to interact with  Cancer-Yogis.


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