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AIMI Conference

October 9, 2010 “The Power of the Heart: Imagination, Power & Love” held at House of the Redeemer 7 East 95th Street, New York City

Conference Flyer

The intimate connection between love and power is encapsulated in the phrase “Love Power.” As the greatest life force known on earth, King Solomon states in the Song of Songs that “Love is strong as death.” Known as the intelligence of the heart, the spiritual practice of imagery unites power and love. Spend the day with three eminent teachers to explore this love power whereby, as Jimi Hendrix scribed, the “power of love overcomes the love of power” and experience greater awareness, freedom and joy.

The Presenters And Their Presentations

Gerald N. Epstein, M.D.
Imagination: The Spiritual Science of Love Power

Elizabeth A. M. Barrett, Ph.D., RN-BC, LMHC, FAAN
Power: Is It REALLY What You Think It Is?

Henry Grayson, Ph.D.
Love: Our Most Powerful Force

Moderator: E. H. “Rick” Jarow, Ph.D
Heartstorming: a Q&A heart-to-heart conversation between the speakers and audience.

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