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Bonding with Kids on Mother’s Day

Dr. Charlotte Reznick

Dear Community,

Bonding with Kids on Mother’s Day

May has just begun and Mother’s Day is already next weekend! What a great opportunity to “check in” with the kids in your life – whether you work with them or have them – and enjoy some creative play together.

According to various studies, mothers’ time spent with children benefits youngsters in numerous ways – from producing lower rates of obesity to higher scores on verbal tests.

But there’s a more immediate advantage to spending quality time with your child. It helps you understand “where he or she is at” and gives you a chance to have fun together – a very important aspect of child development.

Here are 4 creative activities to do with kids this Mother’s Day:

Make “Me” Portraits: With a marker, trace the outline of your bodies on an old sheet. Decorate your self-portraits with symbols, colors, words, and pictures. Use markers, crayons, paints, glue, sparkles, and cut-up magazines.

Make a Mini-Movie: Using a smart phone, flip cam, or video camera, write, star in, and produce your own movie. Ideas… mom and kid talent show; commercial for your favorite thing; stupid human or pet tricks with commentary; fashion show. Post it on YouTube for friends and family.

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