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Leslie Davenport teaches at JFK University

Friday, May 21st, 2010

May 25, May 26, November 6, February 5, 2011: Leslie Davenport, MFT teaches at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California

Leslie Davenport, MFT

Over the last 20 years, medical research has confirmed what certain spiritual and indigenous traditions have known for centuries: Our states of mind and emotions directly affect our physiology. What, then, is the true cost to our health of dark moods or incessant worry? Davenport, a pioneer in bringing mind-body approaches into the halls of contemporary medicine, speaks to the beneficial side of this link. She’ll also present tools to help enhance your everyday health and sense of well-being.

May 25: Take Charge of Your Health: The Mind-Body Connection

6:30 PM, Pharmaca, 7514 Redwood Blvd. #104, Novato, Ca. FREE

May 26: Take Charge of Your Health: The Mind-Body Connection

4:45 PM Reception, 5:15 Program. Commonwealth Club, San Francisco.

Click here to buy tickets.  
$12.00 to Members, $20.00 public.

November 6: Clinical Application of Deep Imagination, Part 1

10:00 am – 5:00 pm John F Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, California

Note: A continuing, more advanced workshop will be offered on February 5, 2011. This class is a prerequisite.
  6 hours of CE credits available for MFT’s, LCSW’s, RN’s.


To find out more about Leslie Davenport, visit her website:

Beyond Massage Therapy

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Beyond Massage Therapy: Expand Your Practice with a Complementary Credential by Brad Schlossberg

Published in the May issue of Massage Magazine.

“By earning a credential outside the massage field, touch therapists can expand their work to the level of dual practice.”

Rebecca Klinger, LMT

Long time Imagery International member Rebecca Klinger was one of several massage therapists interviewed for this article.  She is based in Manhatten, New York.  Rebecca talks about the value of adding Holistic Health Counseling (HCC)  and Guided Imagery  to her touch practice.

“With massage, I can immediately affect physical injuries, aches and pains,” Klinger says. “With the Holistic Health Couseling credential, I can also address other contributing factors such as exercise, sugar and caffeine intake, rest and any life situations that may be causing stress.”

“Guided Imagery helps me teach people how to use the power of imagery– their imaginations–to manage stress and pain, access their creativity, resolve inner conflicts and so much more,” she says. It’s a wonderful third leg on my mind-body practice.”

To see more about her work and the advantages of additional credentials see the May 2010 issue of Massage Magazine.

Rebecca Klinger, LMT
80 East 11th Street, Suite 521
New York, NY 10003

Bonding with Kids on Mother’s Day

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Dr. Charlotte Reznick

Dear Community,

Bonding with Kids on Mother’s Day

May has just begun and Mother’s Day is already next weekend! What a great opportunity to “check in” with the kids in your life – whether you work with them or have them – and enjoy some creative play together.

According to various studies, mothers’ time spent with children benefits youngsters in numerous ways – from producing lower rates of obesity to higher scores on verbal tests.

But there’s a more immediate advantage to spending quality time with your child. It helps you understand “where he or she is at” and gives you a chance to have fun together – a very important aspect of child development.

Here are 4 creative activities to do with kids this Mother’s Day:

Make “Me” Portraits: With a marker, trace the outline of your bodies on an old sheet. Decorate your self-portraits with symbols, colors, words, and pictures. Use markers, crayons, paints, glue, sparkles, and cut-up magazines.

Make a Mini-Movie: Using a smart phone, flip cam, or video camera, write, star in, and produce your own movie. Ideas… mom and kid talent show; commercial for your favorite thing; stupid human or pet tricks with commentary; fashion show. Post it on YouTube for friends and family.

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