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Self-Management Tools

Using Guided Imagery for Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Problem Solving

By the end of the day we want to use our minds in a proactive, positive way to be the driver of our life and not slaves to inner thoughts/emotions/memory/illusions – the spaghetti mind.

Why spaghetti? Because even though man has made tremendous advancements in science and technology, the mind’s operating system is still a mystery. We don’t really know the algorithm that is behind motivation and attention.

We all experience associative thoughts/emotions/sensations popping into our bodymind which influence our behavior and the quality of our life.

I see imagination as the simulator of the mind for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and problem solving. It’s an unlimited tool to check possibilities, explore a variety of options and be “open minded” where our logical, rational mind, that is so connected to acquired knowledge, sometimes prevents us from doing.

Imagination is a resource that has an ambivalent connotation: it’s positive when used for art and creativity…it’s negative when it is used as illusionary mind or ill mind.

Our minds like gestalt scenarios.  We like stories that are structured, with beginnings, bodies and ends. When we lack information or when our memories betray us, imagination comes in and fills the holes with information to complete the picture/ the story.

So how do we utilize imagination as a resource for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and problem solving and at the same time be aware and cautious of its illusionary side that can harm our balance and sanity? The first stage is to cleanup and order the desktop of our consciousness.  The “I” should look at himself in the mirror, observe the whole complexity of the dynamic layers of his being, and let the sane part of the mind take dominance in the whole process of self-management.

Observing the dynamic spaghetti of thoughts/emotions/sensations/memory imagination and dreams is essential for self-management. Then, there should be an inner motivation to calm the spaghetti. Now I will use an imaginative tool to explain an idea. So my mind “raises a flag of awareness” – that this is what I’m about to do, in order to make the communication clearer:

Imagine your mind as a desktop which  is jam-packed with spaghetti . How can you explore and observe anything when your desktop consciousness, which is your platform for observation and exploration, is all messed up? Let’s, clear, calm it… in other words – make space in our consciousness, which is the platform of our minds.

Easier said than done… “How can we make space in our ongoing dynamic mind?  We can do that by building an inner environment of calmness. But there is a catch here.  We want a clear and calm consciousness, but we want to be fully aware with our senses.

To make things even more challenging, since the inner spaghetti is active in the interrelation between body and mind – where subsystems influence each other, our challenge is to set an inner environment of calmness to our bodymind.

Why calm and clear the bodymind?  Because when we do so, we release energy that was used initially to sustain the dynamic spaghetti and now will be free, to reset our minds – for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and problem solving.

We can use guided imagery to calm and make free space in our desktop consciousness.  Although the sane part of our mind is motivated to do so, I suggest using a professional guided imagery coach for this stage.  S/he will help you map your associative thoughts, emotions, positive memories and experience connected to calmness, serenity, peacefulness, quietness, silence.  S/he will observe together with you your inner drive, wish, hope, needs and motivation, to achieve – creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and problem solving.  S/he will build together with you, the inner scenario to clear, and calm the desktop of consciousness together with providing compassion, care and attention to the dynamic parts of your being that may distract you from the process.  S/he will assist you calm your physical body by relaxation, breath and self massage exercises.

S/he will keenly guide you in the process of adopting inner space as part of your natural essence.

S/he will provide you with the tools to actively make a calm space in your mind in order to free energy to experience and explore creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and problem solving.

Avigail Berg , MA, Personal development, Business development.


Avigail has MA in Holistic Health from Lesley University. For personal development, Avigail uses massage therapy to release physical stress, guided meditation for building an inner space of calmness and healing to balance energy.   Avigail offers workshops, lectures and one on one consultancy about using self-management tools to optimize the quality of life.  She says:” we build up walls around us and then we complain we have no space” Highlights of workshops/inspiring lectures can be found here and here.  You are welcome to view a draft of her book “Tune Your Inner Compass” a work in progress.  You are welcome to give her feedback. – Most of her life Avigail lived in Israel and now lives in New York.

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