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ImagiNews: March 2010

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From the President’s Mind & Editor’s Imagination

by Bev Hollander

Bev Hollander

Joy” being our theme this quarter, I must share with you a beautiful event I recently witnessed. I was waiting curbside at the airport for my husband’s arrival when I noticed a 30-something man and an older gray-bearded gentleman, who I guessed might be his father, exiting the airport. As they reached the sidewalk, two young girls came running towards the older man. The younger of the two girls arrived first. She
raced towards the elder of the two gentlemen (grandfather?) with a gorgeous smile on her face and threw herself into his arms, squealing in delight. The second girl arrived right behind her and did the same. The “grandfather” was engulfed in this two person hug and I had to Imagine, because his back was to me, the smile on his face and the Joy he surely felt having such a loving and Joyful welcome. Tears sprang to my eyes witnessing this special event.

As always, each article in the issue relates to “Joy” in some way. I won’t say any more about them here because you might enjoy the surprises that await you. I want to thank all of our contributors for their dedication and efforts that make each issue of ImagiNews possible.

More members have joined as we continue to grow. Juliet Rohde-Brown, our current Secretary, has agreed to serve this year as our President-Elect. Thanks Juliet! She will assume the Presidency in 2011. All of us are grateful for her willingness to step in for the Board. Babs and Margo are both finished with their terms at the end of this year. So, a call out to you to join our Board – we need a Secretary, Treasurer and Program Chair. Won’t you give us a try?

Remember, our 2nd annual conference will be held in October. Please join us there and see Jann’s request for proposals elsewhere in this issue.



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