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Telechat February 10: How to Read Mental Images

Telechat date: February 10, 5 to 6 PM Pacific Standard Time

How to Read Mental Images: Learning the Hieroglyphic Language of the Mind for Clinical Use

with Gerald Epstein, MD

Dr. Epstein

Hieroglyphs – the pictorial language of the ancient Egyptian Pharaonic tradition is the only language ever to unite art and the spiritual dimension. In an analogous fashion, mental imagery is a hieroglyphic language where a pictorial representation intersects and combines with a divine language. The image is the true and natural language of the mind. These representations are called symbols, reflecting our everyday visible measurable reality and our invisible subjective qualitative consciousness – itself the repository of all the knowledge of ourselves. This language, like any other, is to be read as it is a book of life revealing ourselves to ourselves. In this talk I will discuss how to apply this method to both reading and fashioning imagery in your clinical practice.

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Gerald N. Epstein, MD, has been a leading pioneer in the use of mental imagery for treating physical and emotional problems.  His education includes Medical school, residency in psychiatry and post-graduate training in psychiatry.  He trained 9 years with Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat in “Waking Dream Therapy (long and short imagery practices); also influenced by the phenomonology practice of Medard Boss, MD.  He directs the American Institute for Mental Imagery (AIMI) a New York State Regent’s Chartered Post Graduate Training Center. His books include: Waking Dream Therapy; Healing Visualizations: Creating Health through Imagery; and most recently, Kabbalah for Inner Peace: Imagery and Insights to Guide you Through Your Day. Audios include: The Natural Laws of Self Healing, The Phoenix Process and Emotional Mastery (Feb, 2010). Under the auspices of the NIH OAM, he researched the efficacy of mental imagery in the treatment of asthma. As his work evolved over the years, he has become a leading exponent of the Western spiritual tradition and its application to healing and therapeutics.

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