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How Do I Disconnect from Mind Chatter?


As I listen to my clients and the women who attended the retreat…the theme of– “How do I disconnect from the mind chatter? was a big one…

How do we deal with the challenges in our lives without obsessive worry?

In the retreat we talked alot about breathing, about stopping and noticing the sensations in our body…

We also talked about the importance of creating enough space in our lives to be present with the awe and wonder of the present moment and about ways to create a daily healing practice.

We explored our “circle of support” we imagined them in the guided imagery and we created collages that offered us a beautiful visual reminder.

(By the way, I was so excited to videotape all of those beautful collages encircling our alter.I had wanted to put the video on the website–and guess what..the lens cap was on…so–they are now only a memory in my imagination. -oh time!)

I wanted to share the news about my two most recent projects –both designed to help create a daily practice of healing and creativity.

Opening to Your Creativity” (a guided imagery I shared at the retreat) is now available as an MP3 and soon as a CD.

Also the DVD I recently created (and we watched at the retreat)”Journey Through the Chakras”  excerpt can be seen here.

I have recently been asked to create Custom Guided Imagery CD’s for loved ones who are in hospice care.  This was an extraordinary experience for me as I used to work with hospice and I know how sacred this time is in the life of the loved one and their families.

As we move into the holidays I wish for you –many moments of peace and wonder.

I am grateful for our connection!!!Glenda Cedarleaf,

Warm regards,


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