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ImagiNews: December 2009

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From the President’s Mind & Editor’s Imagination

The theme this month, Healing, really caused me to think deeply.

Bev Hollander

Bev Hollander

I found myself re-reading a book I have had for several years – Healers on Healing – a 1989 compilation of essays by renowned Healers edited by Richard Carlson, Ph.D. and Benjamin Shield. I was struck by the many ideas formulated. Because at least two of the contributors are in the Imagery field and known to many of us, I thought I’d quote from their essays.

First, some words from O. CarlSimonton, whose death we tribute in this issue. His essay is entitled “The Harmony of Health.” “The more we are able to align ourselves with who we are, the healthier we are. As we work on this alignment, it prepares us for healing. I see healing as a positive feedback system and illness as a form of negative feedback.” He continues: “The degree to which it [a healing modality] brings about harmony determines the quality of healing and the speed at which it takes place…. We need to move in the direction of health, in the direction of who we are…It is easy to say, and yet incredibly difficult to do….One of the most effective ways to build belief is by using our imagination….The more we imagine, the more we create a climate for a whole new view; the more we accept this new view, the more we allow understanding to begin as we practice it.  That is what permits us to overcome illness…”

Finally, he commented on the future of Healing. “What direction do I wish to see healing take in the future? I would hope that it will become clearer to everyone that the purpose of healing is to bring us in harmony with our earth, our environment, and with ourselves. As that becomes our focus, I think it will spread and have an impact on the way we view the whole idea of healing.”

The second essay from the field of Imagery is written by Martin Rossman, M.D., an Honorary Imagery International member.  His essay is entitled “Illness as an Opportunity for Healing.” Dr. Rossman believes that “healing is a natural occurrence, an innate mechanism of the organism.” He mentions alignment, though a shade differently from O. Carl Simonton. He states “… we can learn from our symptoms of illness in order to bring us back into alignment with our potential for wellness.”

I really appreciated Dr. Rossman’s reminder to the Healer – “One of the major occupational hazards of the healing arts is an overidentification with the ability to heal. Therapists need to keep in mind that their healing ability consists mainly of a gift for influencing, stimulating and inspiring clients to move along the course of their own healing path; and sometimes nothing the therapist does will work.”

I want to close with Dr. Rossman’s words, a balm to the weary and frightened. “…even in terminal situations, healing can take place, even though it is not physical. Deep emotional and spiritual healing can accompany fatal illness as well as recovery, and we can learn to be a friend to that as well.”

I highly recommend getting a copy of this book.  Many topics within the realm of Healing are addressed and other well known authors include Norman Cousins, Rachel Naomi Remen, Bernie Siegel, Larry Dossman and Stephen Levine, just to name several. Chapters address themes such as “Love is the Healer,” “Returning to Wholeness,” “The Healer Within,” “The Healing Relationship,” and more. I found it to be a great read and a must for us as we travel on this Healing path.

Next ImagiNews theme is “Joy” and submissions are due 2/5/10. Please send me your thoughts, prayers, humor and light. It is an honor to work for you.


Bev Hollander

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