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Healing Times Radio Show: David Bresler, PhD, LAc

Tune in Thursday, December 3rd and Sunday, December 6th at 11:00am PST.

David Bresler, PhD

David Bresler, PhD

Healing Times: Dr. David Bresler is interviewed by Emmett Miller, MD about his latest insights, thoughts, and theories regarding the healing power of’ the mind and the ways in which imagery can help or hinder natural healing.

About Dr. Emmett Miller’s Healing Times Radio Show

Broadcast the first Thursday and Sunday (rebroadcast) of every month at 11am-12n PST at

Emmett Miller, MD

Emmett Miller, MD

Emmett Miller, MD is a physician, author, poet, musician, and master storyteller, whose multicultural heritage has given him a unique social, medical, and spiritual perspective. One of the pioneers of Mind/Body Medicine, HEALING TIMES with Dr. Emmett Miller explores Mind/Body Health and how to reclaim our inherent personal wisdom integrating scientific knowledge and techniques of modern medicine. Author of Deep Healing and Our Culture on the Couch, Seven Steps to Global Healing, Dr. Miller’s mission is to help us heal ourselves so that we can in turn, heal our planet.

From Dr Miller:

My guest this month is Dr. David Bresler, author of Free Yourself From Pain, and Break Your Smoking Habit with Guided Imagery and we’ll be talking about the power of your mind to heal and transform every arena of your life. I have known Dr. Bresler since about 1970. To my delight I had found one of the very few licensed professionals who had discovered, as I had, that the tools of hypnosis could be combined with those of psychology and spirituality to provide a powerful way for individuals and groups to achieve their true goals and highest degree of health and wellness.

Our paths have intertwined for the many intervening years, teaching together, exploring advances in the field, and during the annual conferences of the Academy for Guided Imagery, the professional organization he cofounded a few decades ago.

This years conference will be held online, so you can attend from anywhere, and hear the cutting edge science of using imagery, affirmation, meditation, and mindfulness from the scientists and clinicians who are making it happen. More information on the Academy for Guided Imagery website.

Dr. Bresler is a brilliant and creative thinker, a skillful clinician, an inspiring storyteller and always gives a fascinating interview. So don’t miss eavesdropping on the latest insights, thoughts, theories, ideas, and stories shared by two old friends exploring the world of guided imagery we helped create!


Emmett Miller MD

This month’s Guest on

Healing Times Radio:

David E. Bresler, PhD, LAc

David E. Bresler, PhD, LAc, is a neuroscientist, psychologist, acupuncturist, author, and educator internationally recognized for his pioneering work with people in chronic pain. He is President of the Academy for Guided Imagery and has served as Associate Clinical Professor in the UCLA Medical and Dental Schools, the UCLA Psychology Department, the University of Philosophical Research, and the California School of Professional Psychology.

Dr. Bresler was one of the first contemporary American scientists to seriously study and research acupuncture, guided imagery, and other mind/body approaches. In 1973, he founded the innovative UCLA Pain Control Unit, the first multi-disciplinary, university-based chronic pain program in America utilizing techniques such as acupuncture, hypnosis, biofeedback, nutritional and movement therapies, and guided imagery. This program was a prototype for the complementary and alternative medicine clinics that have since followed.

Dr. Bresler has authored or co-authored over 150 scientific papers in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, acupuncture, guided imagery, complementary and alternative medicine, and mind/body medicine, as well as twenty-two books and workbooks. He was awarded the prestigious Janet Travell Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership in Pain Treatment by the American Academy of Pain Management, and he was appointed as a Presidential Commissioner by President Clinton and served on the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy.

He has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization, the New York Board of Medical Examiners, the California Board of Medical Quality Assurance, the California Industrial Medical Council, the California Medical and Dental Associations, and numerous other professional and governmental agencies, as well as major corporations including Times Mirror, Disney, Hughes, and Rockwell.

Dr. Bresler has served on the editorial staff of eight professional journals and is listed in several editions of Who’s Who and in The Best Doctors In America. His frequent radio and TV appearances have made him a well-known authority in the field of behavioral medicine, and he’s been featured or interviewed in numerous newpaper articles and popular magazines, including Time, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, People, US, and Prevention.

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