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Nurse, actress, yoga instructor: North’s Vitale is vital ‘dabbler’

The Sun Chronicle

Barbara Vitale, or “Babs” to friends, provided medical care to the men and women who stayed at the Long Island Shelter, a homeless shelter on the Boston Harbor island of the same name.

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Babs off beat sense of humor helped her and fellow nurses create Guided Meditations for Menopausal Moments:

With heart and a large dollop of humor, the five guided meditations on this CD help you reframe your major menopausal symptoms. Why languish with your preconceived notions of night sweats and hot flashes, menopausal insomnia, foggy thinking and memory loss, mood swings and body changes? Untether yourself from cultural and patriarchal stereotypes. Learn what these previously burdensome menopausal moments really are! Written and narrated by five nurses who are friends and crones well versed in the passage, Guided Mediations for Menopausal Moments will give you exactly what you need to make each menopausal moment a welcomed affirmation of your hormonally altered aura. Suck in that chi like a vacuum cleaner (hot flashes), embrace the private moments for creativity (menopausal insomnia), visit the mood swing playground and more! Laugh, cry, relax, let go and embrace your glorious moments of powerful womanhood with this playful yet profound CD. Guided Meditations for Menopausal Moments.
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