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Yikes Another Flu Shot!

Dr. Charlotte

Dear Community,

Yikes Another Flu Shot! Kids Face Medical Procedures with The Power of Imagination

Whenever Edward started up the stairs to his pediatricians office, he would panic. Hed fall down and refuse to move. Even though his doctor was the kindest, caring doc around, Edward was terrified of the shot. He had to be carried in and held down for any immunization. Now that its flu season, another shot is coming up and his parents are distraught over their sons suffering.

Click HERE to read Dr. Charlotte’s blog to learn more about how to help your child weather medical procedures with the power of imagination.


Dr. Reznick also offers the CD Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond which kids and parents report are especially healing for all sorts of pain and illness.


Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond combines relaxation techniques with gentle music and verbal suggestions to awaken the creative and healing power of your childs imagination while developing their inner resources. (Ages 5 to 105) For info, sample audio, and ordering go to

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