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Using Guided Imagery with MRI Scans


Miriam Franco,  PhD has researched mind body techniques such as guided imagery and relaxation to lower anxiety and stress and facilitate greater self-efficacy in coping. Dr. Franco is now writing a column for the Philadelphia Examiner focusing on topics concerning Multiple Sclerosis.  In the following article she gives some tips on how to lower stress while undergoing an MRI scan. 

September 21, Philadelphia

How to Have a Stress free MRI

By Examiner Miriam Franco

Those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) undergo closed, brain MRIs throughout their disease course.  MRIs are safe, valuable procedures for diagnosing and treating MS.  Though painless, it can be difficult to remain in a tight, tomblike structure.  Some develop feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia and others, become fatigued.

Health professionals advise to know what to expect and practice ways to lower stress. Here are some helpful tips to keep your MRI as stress free as possible and to cope positively.

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Dr. Franco’s website is found here

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