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ImagiNews: September 2009

A free electronic copy of September 2009 edition of ImagiNews is available here:


From the President’s Mind and Editor’s Imagination

Hi Again everyone. I hope you enjoy this hotly awaited issue of ImagiNews. Having the extra production time has lent itself to a lovely photo filled issue. I am reminded of the old adage – “Good things take time.” I hope you agree!

A couple of notes of dismay, Harise Stein’s “Research” column is dark this issue – seems my theme stumped her and others as well! Phoeey! In addition, Esther’s “Imagery at the End of Life” is also absent this quarter. Esther is in the process of moving across the country and somehow can’t find the free time to contribute – now why would that be? Both columns are sorely missed and I hope we have them back for December’s issue. Good luck on the move Esther!

September’s theme is Growth and oh how we have Grown in so many ways! We have expanded our efforts and completed II’s first annual conference (not to be missed next year!). You’ll find lots of photos from conference activities complemented by a delightful article from Jann Fredrickson, Conference Chair (see page 8).

We now have a Blog and our first Wikipedia contribution (see page 17). Thanks go to Sandy Warnken and Juliet Rohde-Brown.

Our membership has Grown by 13 since January. I think that’s good news! Calling ourselves “Imagery International” has taken on new meaning with Growth and expansion that includes more members from across the planet (see related story on page 18).

As are result of our ability to connect with attendees at the annual membership meeting Friday evening of the conference, II’s Board added new members. Now, I call that Growth as well! Jann now has a team to work on creating next year’s conference! We also have a new Secretary – Juliet Rohde-Brown (See her bio on page 5). I also hope to have the support of a copy editor for ImagiNews from connections I made with members.

In addition, the Board had the opportunity to Grow together to become a more cohesive, effective and connected team. It’s amazing to get to know these women, attach faces to names and learn more about each other’s lives, styles and communication skills!

You need to know that we only meet via monthly teleconference calls, so this opportunity for an annual face to face meeting (a first for a few of us) was an addition to our well-being and connecting (not to mention laughing).

We spent the day after the Conference working and playing together to reach that point. One of our conference presenters, Glenda Cedarleaf, was kind and skilled enough to create a video of us during our working meeting. The video has been posted in YouTube. You can preview Vallombrosa’s beautiful grounds because current plans point to that being the location for next year’s conference. Check it out at the following link: Thank you once again Glenda!

During the board meeting, we discussed the many ways in which we serve you and how we want to Grow from here. You’ll find some interesting ideas from our International members on that concept. Two things we know for certain – you loved the conference and you love ImagiNews. These two activities remain our top priorities. The rest will evolve from your input and support.

The other articles reflect Growth in one way or another – just take your time & enjoy them!

The theme for the December issue is “Healing.” contributions are due November 5th to

Keep tuned in – send us your love, dreams and case studies. We are here for you.


Bev Hollander

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