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The Power of Your Child's ImagiNation: Book


Dear Community,

It’s the waning days of summer. Only one, two, or three weeks left if a kid is lucky. Don’t despair. Let your imaginations run wild. Have your child imagine every fun thing you haven’t yet done and want to do before those school bells ring. Make your own Top Ten list together. Brainstorm any idea, no matter how outrageous. Discuss what you can do with your child; cross off the rest for another time. Here are a few to consider…

Streeeeetch your imagination: Go on an African safari? Maybe not, but you can visit your local zoo, petting zoo, or farm animal sanctuary. Swim with dolphins? If you can’t make it to Sea World, how about renting one of their wonderful videos and planning for when you can go?

Be a do-gooder: Want to help those less fortunate than yourselves? Ask your child to imagine who they’d really like to assist. Go to the local animal shelter and see if you can keep some of the lonely animals company for an hour. Or check if the local soup kitchen needs a young server. Planting “seeds of kindness” in your child’s imagination can help him develop compassion.

Put on a puppet play and movie: Using small paper bags, with markers, yarn, and glue, create characters together that she designs, Help her and her friends write a play. Then perform the play for parents, siblings, and friends – and videotape it to email to far-flung grandparents and relatives.

Have a make-your-own night for teens: Buy ready made pizza dough and fill small bowls with cheese, vegetables, and Italian sausage. Have the kids make their own pizzas. For dessert, provide the fixings for make your own sundaes, with a variety of toppings. Stay clear of the kitchen…


Thanks to you, I’m thrilled to announce that The Power of Your Child’s Imagination (Perigee/Penguin) has made the LA Times bestseller list this weekend. I so appreciate all your wonderful comments and incredible support.


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The Power of Your Child’s Imagination


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Harvey Karp, M.D., FAAP, creator of the book and DVD,

The Happiest Toddler on the Block

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With love and light,

Dr. Charlotte

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