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Using Guided Imagery with MRI Scans

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


Miriam Franco,  PhD is a psychotherapist in private practice and a Professor of Sociology. She is certified in Integrative Guided Imagery by Beyond Ordinary Nursing Organization, in The Prepare for Surgery Program by Peggy Huddleston, MA, and is a professional member of Imagery International. She is also a Multiple Sclerosis Certified Specialist. Visit her website

September 21, Philadelphia

How to Have a Stress free MRI

By Examiner Miriam Franco

Those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) undergo closed, brain MRIs throughout their disease course.  MRIs are safe, valuable procedures for diagnosing and treating MS.  Though painless, it can be difficult to remain in a tight, tomblike structure.  Some develop feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia and others, become fatigued.

Health professionals advise to know what to expect and practice ways to lower stress. Here are some helpful tips to keep your MRI as stress free as possible and to cope positively.

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Dr. Franco’s website is found here:

Guided Imagery Stress Management at Work

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


October 13 or November 19 or December 8, (9 AM to 4 PM)

for 6 contact hours at Peninsula hospital in Burlingame, California

Terry Reed

Terry Reed, RN, MS, HN-BC

Learn about: stress management, brief imagery techniques for coping with illness and treatment, pain control, reducing anxiety, burnout and more.

Healthcare professionals providing direct patient care are invited to attend this workshop on relaxation and guided imagery techniques for self care and use at the bedside.

When: Oct 13 or Nov 19 or Dec 8 (9am-4pm) includes am snack and lunch.

Where: Nursing Education Classroom – Ground Floor

Peninsula Medical Center

1783 El Camino Real, Burlingame, CA

Cost: $85 (Includes 6 CEU’s)

To Register: call 650-570-6157

NOTE: Please apply for tuition aid and educational leave prior to registering for the class.

To see more about Terry check here.

Terry is also co-author of Guided Imagery and Beyond:  Stories of Healing & Transformation.


ImagiNews: September 2009

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

A free electronic copy of September 2009 edition of ImagiNews is available here:


From the President’s Mind and Editor’s Imagination

Hi Again everyone. I hope you enjoy this hotly awaited issue of ImagiNews. Having the extra production time has lent itself to a lovely photo filled issue. I am reminded of the old adage – “Good things take time.” I hope you agree! (more…)

The Power of Your Child's ImagiNation: Book

Saturday, September 5th, 2009


Dear Community,

It’s the waning days of summer. Only one, two, or three weeks left if a kid is lucky. Don’t despair. Let your imaginations run wild. Have your child imagine every fun thing you haven’t yet done and want to do before those school bells ring. Make your own Top Ten list together. Brainstorm any idea, no matter how outrageous. Discuss what you can do with your child; cross off the rest for another time. Here are a few to consider…