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II Conference 2009: Wowzers a 5+

Imagery International’s Second Annual Conference is on the drawing board for 2010.

Our First Annual Conference presenters delivered a powerful message about the value of using imagery in riding the tides of change. We learned about centering, grounding, self-nurturing and a simple approach to help clients and ourselves manage trauma symtoms. We saw how simple it was to bring a foe to the mat while having compassion for him.  Being in a community of talented healers who offer guided imagery as a specialty, we found safety, nurturing and plenty of food for thought.


Left to Right –  Presenters were Jann Fredrickson, Terry Reed, Margo Adair, Juliet Rohde-Brown, Andrew Wagner, Glenda Cedarleaf.

To learn more about our presenters and their topics look here.

The Imagery Person of the Year Award 2008 went to the Dynamic Duo from Beyond Ordinary Nursing, Terry Reed and Susan Ezra. Congratulations and thank you for your outstanding contributions to the field.

Terry Reed and Sue Ezra

Terry Reed and Sue Ezra, Imagery Persons of the Year 2008

WOW!!!! And a few kazoos toots to Babs Vitale. If we hadn’t already learned this particular lesson, in Spontaneous Combustion we experienced laughter as an antidote to whatever might ail one. Spontaneous Combustion as created by Babs our talented Secretary/Treasurer lead us on an adventure playing in the playground of the mind. We pretty much regressed to that carefree time when we didn’t know better and just enjoyed being alive and making noise. She gave us kazoos and sheet music to take home.

Babs Vitale

Babs Vitale – Are those Dorothy’s shoes?

Glenda Cedarleaf took pictures and created a charming documentary on the conference which you can see on YouTube. She also took a big leap in advertising her work on custom CDs with the custom video she made on her computer.  See more about her work on the previous blog.  Thank you, Glenda for helping us to reach a new audience through a new (for us) medium.

Juliet Rohde-Brown created an extensive outline on the history of guided imagery for our wikipedia project. Thank you for getting us started on this Juliet. Anyone interested in working on creating a guided imagery section for Wikipedia can send us an email.

Here are a few comments from attendees as to what they liked best about the conference:

“Great variety of topics and modalities.”

“The opportunity to be exposed to so many new ideas related to Imagery.”

“The getting together of like minds and spirits to be nourished, refreshed and made whole.”

“Informality, friendliness, new information – especially the experiential part of the presentations.”

“The timeliness of topics and relevance of presentations to my practice and personal unfolding.”

“Wonderful 5+.”

“Humility, humor, and also the seasoned skills of presenters.”

“The quality of intimacy and shared concerns – and loved [getting] the technical info.”

“Caring ambiance and entertainment.”

We hear rumors it is going to get better every year – not to be missed.  We will keep you posted when we figure out the dates next year.

As a result of our conference, we have experienced the value of using guided imagery for tough times. We have been enabled to reach out to a new audience with videos accessible to the millions who visit YouTube.  (Our video is now on Facebook too.)  We came away richer for the experience and truly inspired.  Thanks to the Board of Imagery International, they have started plans for doing the second annual conference.  If you wish to see or contact a board member go here here. Let us know how II can be of service in Riding the Tides of Change in Good Times and Bad.

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