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AGI Mind/Body Medicine Webcast Returns!

Learn the latest from leading imagery practitioners

Earn 3.5 hrs CE Credit for $55 until Oct 1st.

In 2008, the Academy and its 25 co-sponsoring organizations produced the first major medical conference ever held entirely in cyberspace with its webcast on IMAGERY, SUGGESTION, AND MIND/BODY MEDICINE. This historic webcast has been divided into eight seperate courses, and it is now being re-broadcast until October 1, 2009. Earn 3.0 to 3.5 hrs CE credit for each course for $50-$55.

Webcast faculty includes Jeanne Achterberg,PhD; David Bresler,PhD,LAc; Hyla Cass,MD; Gavin deBecker; James Ellroy; James S. Gordon,MD; Peter Guber; Stanley Krippner,PhD; Lewis Mehl-Madrona,MD,PhD; Emmett Miller,MD; Dean Ornish,MD; Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD,MD(hc); Martin Rossman,MD; Francine Shapiro,PhD; C. Norman Shealy,MD; David Sobel,MD; Andrew Weil,MD and 10 other presenters.

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Call for Webcast Presentations at

Upcoming Webcast on Stress and Anxiety.

This year, the Academy will present its 21st Annual Conference Webcast on the theme “IMAGERY, STRESS, AND ANXIETY.” This conference will be broadcast online to an international audience from October 1st to December 31st, 2009.

If you would like to join our faculty and give a presentation related to our theme, please submit a Webcast Presentation Proposal Form. To find out how, click here,

If you wish to be sent updated information about this conference, the topics it will cover, its faculty, and other details, click here.

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