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Relaxation and Guided Imagery: Multiple Sclerosis

Thursday, July 16, 2009 6-9 pm

Complementary Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Alan Bowling and Dr. Miriam Franco
Doubletree Hotel Denver Tech Center
7801 Orchard Road
Greenwood, CO 80111

Guided Imagery Practitioners are Welcome

Practitioners are welcome to come to a Program on Complementary Medicine and Use of Guided Imagery with Demonstration for MS Care in Denver, CO !! Dr. Alan Bowling will first present. He is a leading expert on complementary and alternative medicine interventions for Multiple Sclerosis, including recent research on vitamin D.

Miriam Franco, PhD

Miriam Franco, PhD

Dr. Franco has designed Guided Imagery scripts to lower anxiety and injection anxiety with Multiple Sclerosis as well as Gastro-Intestinal interventions to relieve MRI stress and caregiver stress. She will demo the lowering anxiety and injection anxiety GI intervention. This program is sponsored by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

Any practitioners interested in attending, please contact Dr. Franco:



Relaxation and Guided Imagery for MS: Lowering Anxiety Associated with MS and MS Injections

This Guided Imagery intervention (CD) is effective in reducing anxiety, muscle tension, spasticity, fatigue and headache associated with having Multiple Sclerosis. With practice, it can also help improve sleep,shift pain experience, and decrease anxiety associated with taking medications by injection. Many with MS must take disease modifying therapies and experience stress and anxiety with these injections which can cause major stumbling blocks to adherence. Missed injections can be frequent and can reduce efficacy. Dr. Franco conducted a patient education study (2008) using this GI intervention to lower anxiety, injection anxiety and to help those with MS perceive their medicine as a healing, helpful ally. GI was found to be efficient and effective in lowering general anxiety and for injection anxiety in 97% of MS patients, even after several weeks post-workshop.


This CD is available on Dr. Franco’s website and from

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