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Death and Grief Examiner: End of Life Coaching

Marie Hoagland sent us a notice on this article.  She says,

“As individuals experience the end stages of life, guided imagery can be an effective therapeutic modality for decreasing fear, anxiety, and pain. Truly beautiful guided imagery CDs are available that address the needs of those in this last adventure of life. These guided imagery meditations offer relaxation and facilitate an inner journey, taking a person from a place of fear to a place of love, while allowing for emotions of sadness, loss, and grief.”

See her article Death and Grief Examiner:  The Healing Power of Guided Imagery (Part 1) by Marie Hoagland.

Rev. Maria “Dancing Heart” Hoaglund, author of  The Last Adventure of Life, is an end-of-life and grief coach. Maria was a hospice counselor for many years and is passionate about bringing the subject of death back to life.

We appreciate member Jayne Peterson’s, RN assistance on the topic.

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